The four monuments below are specially priced and must use one of the 48 designs listed on two pages. The "Brown", "Orick", and "Marsh" are 6" thick. The "Thornburg" is 8" thick. These special prices are for those colors shown below. Any flower vases would be extra. Price does not include sales tax or cemetery foundation and is based on charges at your cemetery. Click here to go to 46 designs available for both 6 & 8 inch monuments

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The marker below is 20" x 10" x 4" with sawn sides. For a limited time depending on availability, these markers will be sold at $335.00 which is $164.00 off of the normal price. At this price, you must use one of the 10 designs listed. Sales tax and cemetery foundation is extra and depends on what cemetery. To see 10 designs, click here.

2016 Specials

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