Galleo Single Special Laugel Single Monument Special

The price for the above monument in either color shown is: $967.00. Vase would cost $85.00 if you choose to get one.



Gibbons Double Special Monument Howard Double Special Monument

The price for the above monument in either color shown is: $2692.00. Vases would cost $85.00 each if you choose to get them.



There are many types and styles of monuments. The gallery of pictures to these different types of memorials is shown in the above links. Single memorials are for one person, doubles are for two. There are angels, hearts baby and child, benches and family memorials. The single and double-triple monument pages show all styles. I created the different categories in case you wanted to go directly to one type of monument shape. Prices on monuments include a regular carving sandblasted in, name, dates and relationship to rest of family (example: Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife, ect.) Epitaphs or extra lettering on the back of monument would run a little more. Monuments generally take 45-90 days to get if we have that in stock. As far as setting the monument, it depends on cemeteries and the weather as to when they can put in the concrete foundation that monument sets on. In general, single monuments start at about $810.00 and can be a few thousand dollars depending on size, shape and color. Double monument start at about $1540.00 and can cost into the thousands as well. Most of the time, people spend $3500.00 or less. Below, we have two monuments featured in two different colors at a special price. One is a 6" single monument and the other is an 8" double monument. This price is the same for either color in gray or mountain rose. Note: Sales tax and cemetery charge for a foundation, the monument sits on, are extra.



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