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We have been serving Jewish families in the Cincinnati area since 1928. We have worked many times with all of your rabbis working together for info as well as laying out hebrew on your memorial if you wish to have hebrew. Below are several letters and symbols that are used on alot of memorials and their meanings are listed. There are 4 links that take you to: Markers(flat and bevel), Single Upright Monuments, Double Upright Monuments and Family Upright Monuments.
These two letters go at the top of most jewish memorials and actually means "here lies".
These five letters typically go on the bottom of most jewish memorials and mean "May his or her soul rest in peace".
The Star of David is a symbol of devine protection for men and is usually at the top of jewish memorials unless it is used between the dates on a marker.
The Menorah is the ancient symbol of Judaism for women and is used over the woman's inscription unless the Star of David is centered over both husband and wife's grave.
Yartzeit or flaming wick in oil basin as ceremonial ritual of remembrance and also usually will be at the top of jewish memorials.

The symbols below are general things used on many jewish memorials. Reform jewish people very rarely will use inscriptions in hebrew. The Orthodox Jewish people use the hebrew inscriptions almost all the time. There are usually 2 lines of hebrew inscription besides the normal 7 letters shown below. Hebrew, unlike English is read from right to left. The first line is the name line which is person who passed away's hebrew name and son or daughter of their father or father and mother's hebrew names. The second line is the hebrew death date line. Single markers start at $551.00 without hebrew and go to about $1100.00 depending on them being flat or beveled, which color and whether or not they have hebrew. Double markers start at $825.00 and go up to $1535.00. Single upright monuments start at $900.00 and can run pretty much, but most are $3500.00 or less. Double upright monuments start at $1200.00 and can cost over $10,000.00. Most are in the $1900.00 to $4500.00 range. The prices vary based on size, color and whether or not they have hebrew. The english names, dates relationship to the deceased as well as design are included in the price. Cemetery foundation charges are $250.00 for single markers, $375.00 for double markers and single monuments and $95.00 a basal foot for the larger sizes. Monuments can not be over 4 foot high overall and the base no longer than 50% of your lot.


The Ten Commandments are sometimes used and are usually at the top of jewish memorials.

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