History of Beeco Monuments




My great-grandfather, John William O'Connor Sr., came over to America from Ireland in the late 1800's. After he got here, he decided to get involved in carving stone. He went all over the country for about 20 years working with and learning from monument craftsman until he felt comfortable about opening up his own business.

In 1926, Oscar Beetz and he opened up Beeco Monuments using the "Bee" from Beetz and "Co" from O'Connor to form the beecobuildingname. About 6 months after they started, my great-grandfather bought out Oscar's half of the business. Because the Beeco name had been established, he left it the same.

Over the years, many other people that wanted to learn how to carve granite and marble, came to work with my great-grandfather and learn what they could about his methods of carving stone.

In 1935 thru 1940, my great-beecobaseballgrandfather had a semi-pro professional baseball team in which they won the national semi-pro baseball title from 1937-1940. At the time, they had as big of write ups in the paper as the Reds did. Why he stopped having a baseball team, I don't know, but they were well known in that era. In 1934, Cliff White who lived in Amelia, Ohio started selling for Beeco and stayed with Beeco until 1964, until he was unable to continue. In 1965, Robert Groh and his wife Carolyn, started representing Beeco in Amelia and continue to do so to this day. This year, Robert's daughter Jenni has joined Robert in the Amelia office and has been ameliabuildinga big help in the Amelia-Beeco branch which has been doing a fine job.

In 1972, we became affiliated with Wearly Monuments to avoid the health problems that can come from sandblasting and that type of work that happens when working in a plant. My great-grandfather died of silicosis, which basically was too much granite dust in his lungs over the years. My grandfather, John William O'Connor Jr., died relatively young at the age of 42 of liver problems.

From the late 1940's till 1993, my father, John William O'Connor III, ran Beeco Monuments in which my mother, Ethel, started helping as secretary in the early 1960's. From 1994 till 1996, she ran Beeco Monuments. 1997 till the present day, I, John William O'Connor IV, readingbuildinghave been running Beeco Monuments. Robert Groh and Jenni Kentrup are out in Amelia, Ohio, just east of Cincinnati while I am running Beeco's other branch in Reading, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. Today, both branches strive to earn your trust and provide you with the best service possible.




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