Frequentley Asked Questions

1. Are there different grades or qualities of granite?
   Yes. There are different grades meaning some lower quality granites discolor or have unnatural blemishes on them for that particular granite. Example: Dark black granite is lighter than the average of that granite. Gray granite has streaks in it where there shouldn’t be any for that granite.

2. How long does it take to have a memorial made?
  If the granite is in stock, it usually takes about 60 days to have the memorial made. If it’s something that has to be special ordered, it can be from 3-6 months depending on the granite and where it has to be shipped from. These are general times to have them made. Most cemeteries pour their own concrete foundations for memorials to set on and we have to wait till they do their part before we can install them in the cemetery. All cemeteries vary on times they pour foundations.

3. Can you put a memorial in my cemetery?
   Yes, we can put a memorial in any cemetery.

4. Do you set the monuments?
   We set monuments in any cemetery within our normal delivery area unless the cemetery installs all markers. In that case, we take marker to grave site or their maintenance building going according to their policy. Normal free setting area map is shown in reddish-pink on this link. Memorials that would go to areas outside our normal delivery area would have to be shipped there, set in the cemetery and a foundation put in. We will do as much of that for you as we can and also find out costs for doing so.

5. Is the lettering and design included in the regular price?
   The regular name, dates and relationship (example: Father, Mother…ect.) are included. Epitaphs and extra other lettering does run extra. All of the regular designs are included. Designs not included are: custom carvings, etchings. Prices for etchings vary according to size of monument and whether it is an etching in our system or a custom one.

6. When is the best time to order a memorial?
   Question #2 answers normal delivery time to have memorial made, but actually the winter months are better for ordering memorials so they are done when the weather breaks and then can be set. Memorial Day deliveries usually have a cut- off date sometime in April for in stock items and in February for domestic special items. Other holidays, birthdays, ect. pretty much follow the same length ahead of time as referred to in question #2.

7. Is the final death date or inscription to go on a memorial included when memorial was originally purchased?
   Any lettering that is need later on is not included and is a new agreement at the time needed.

8. Is there any one granite better than another for my memorial?
   All of our granites are guaranteed the same. What you have as far as problems with granite is when you are getting a lower grade of that granite. We only buy the highest grades of each granite is why we guarantee all of our granite on memorials bought from Beeco Monuments.

9. Does all granite colors cost the same?
   No, granite costs are figured more on the grade of that particular granite, how available it is, how that particular quarry is set up to cut certain shapes and where it is being shipped from.

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