Bocook Family Monument Chen Chinese Family Monument Nolte Family Monument Chenoweth Family Monument Prather Family Monument

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Single upright monuments. Click on picture that you might be interested and go to larger picture.

Family Monuments

Beeco Monument Main Name Header
Family monuments are monuments that are in the center of a lot or 3-60 graves. They usually only have the family name and a design if family chooses to have one. There are individual markers put at the ends of each grave on that lot. Family monuments tend to run more in price than most monuments because these types of bigger lots have alot more room to use a larger monument. There are alot of double monuments with both names on them and are restricted because 2 graves are only so wide.Family monuments usually run about $2500.00 to as much as over $100,000.00. Some smaller family monuments can be less than $2500.00.
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